Ketut Adi Putra, or “Adji,” is a master of the traditional Indonesia martial art Pencak Silat, and at only 28 years of age, is an expert in both the ancient and modern forms. Born in Kintamani, he began his martial arts path at the age of 7. As a competitor, Adji has taken part in championships ranging from district to national level, reaping many wins along the way.

But Adji’s knowledge and love of the ancestral martial heritage of Bali goes far beyond competition. The arts have been passed down through his family lineage, and indeed, Pencak Silat can be traced back to his own grandfather, a great martial artist himself.


  • Pencak SIlat


Agung Vijaya is an Esoteric healer who has been practicing and studying in Ubud since 1995. His interest in energy healing developed intuitively and led him also to the field of Reiki. Since 2007 Agung has engaged in many Reiki workshops, including Kundalini Reiki, Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki, and Shambala Reiki. This culminated in his certification as Reiki Master.



  • Reiki Circle
  • Reiki Workshops


Agustian Supriatna’s curiosity and thirst for understanding through direct experience and experimentation took him on a long journey through different cultures and ancient traditions around the globe.
Composing music imbued with sacred literature inherited from his Sumatran healer ancestors and decades-long artistic & cultural exploration, Agustian impresses with new sounds using a variety of traditional music instruments—several of which he created himself—such as bansuri (Indian bamboo flute), suling (Sundanese bamboo flute), karinding (Sundanese bamboo jaw harp), tabla (Indian drum), gambus (Sumatrans oud), ngoni (west African harp), Tibetan singing bowls and so on.


  • Music from Soul : Intimate Concert
  • Ancient Lullabies


Born and raised in Java, Andri Wijaya shares the sacred music, guided meditation, ancient Javanese mantra, herbal medicine that originates from his homeland. It is through self awareness and practice that one integrates the wisdom that happiness originates from within and arises by embracing unconditional love for oneself and others.


  • Ancient Javanese Mantra & Meditation


Born and raised in Peliatan Ubud, our teacher Ibu Agung Istri Wirati followed in her mother’s footsteps -the legendary dancer Ni Gusti Ayu Raka Rasmi, star of the Bali Dancers troupe that had introduced Balinese dance to the world stages of United States and Europe back in 1952- Ibu Agung has been performing Balinese dance since she was a child. She grew up dancing under the tutelage of her mother, who was, as mentioned above, considered one of, if not the, greatest teachers and performers of her generation.

Much like Ibu Raka, after a long illustrious career of performing in many acclaimed venues within the country and abroad, Ibu Agung Istri Wirati chose to channel her passion in sharing the Balinese culture of movement through teaching Balinese dance.


  • Balinese Dance Class: Culture in Movement


In 2012 Hanna Winter began practicing Mysore Yoga with Lucia
Andrade and Gibran Gonzales in Frankfurt, quickly followed by her 200h yoga teacher training. She attained a Masters in Psychology and shared the practice with those suffering Major Depressive Disorder. Since moving to Bali, she has deepened her Mysore practice with Kirsten Berg, Mitchell Gold, and Rachel Grey.


  • Ashtanga Mysore


At the age of 20, Ida Resi Alit experienced an immensely powerful meditation earning her distinction as a “revenant”, one who has come back from the dead. From that moment forward, she was empowered with exceptional skills, the intimate knowledge of practices that generally take decades to master and the ability to speak ancient languages she had never studied!

Ida Resi Alit was ordained “High Priestess” by the Council of Hindu Dharma and became the youngest person to ever receive this title, a position normally only given to men.

Ida is as much known for her powerful and enthralling chants as for her warmth and kind presence.


  • Prayer, Mantra & Meditation for Inner Peace


Jonwin Lee is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, and Medical Qi gong as well as a practitioner and teacher of Chinese Metaphysics, including Astrology, Feng Shui, and IChing. He uses this ancient Chinese arts and sciences for the purpose of helping others to achieve a balanced life.


  • Medical Qi gong


Jero Mangku Istri Tya is a woman pemangku (Balinese priest) in Bali. Born and raised in Karangasem, East Bali, her ancestry traces directly back to the forested hills at the base of Mount Agung, where Balinese culture is said to have originated. She is the direct descendant of Balinese priests and healers. Tya emanates the feeling of old Bali, generations that have long since passed


  • Full Moon Meditation
  • New Moon Meditation


Putu Mahagiri, born and raised in Peliatan, Bali, is Usada’s cultural liaison. She is passionate about maintaining and preserving her Balinese cultural roots by sharing authentic cultural traditions in our classes, workshops and experiences. Putu is also committed to helping empower all women, especially Balinese, by sharing experiences and offering women’s sharing circles.


  • Temple Etiquette & Tradition 


Jamu Sehati started our business in 2014, because of a sinus problem. We found that chemical medicine was not helping at all. However after drinking a mix of ginger and turmeric, gradually the headache, blocked nose and ear was eased! The Jamu also reduced allergic reaction to dust and humid conditions, basically increasing the immune system.
We are re-creating recipes from the heritage of our ancestors for health to modern day generations. And now, we want to share our knowledge so everyone can get the benefits in their lifestyle because we believe “health” is our most precious belonging.


  • Jamu Making Workshop


Master Ong Wen Ming first started learning Tai Chi in 1983 the age of 13and eventually studied Qigong and Kung fu under the tutelage of the Great Master Li Guanghua until his passing. In 2013, Ong Wen Ming learned Hunyuan Qigong and Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method from Master Chen Zhonghua (2nd generation of Hunyuan Taijiquan Master and 19th generation of Chen Style Taijiquan Master) and became his inner disciple in 2018.
A veteran of 35 years in Qigong and Kungfu, Master Ong has been teaching thousands of students from all over the world.


  • Hunyuan Qigong Class


After completion of his first 200h Hatha yoga TTC and an-Eryt500h Yoga Alliance registered teacher, Thony Lu has been instructing yoga in Bali since 2013. He graduated Ashtanga TTC500H and studied with great masters in 5 different schools including KPJAYI.


  • Ashtanga Mysore



Agung Rai is the owner & curator of the world-famous ARMA museum, which has supported the arts of Indonesian since being founded in 1996.  Pak Rai found his Swadharma, meaning his role in the social and cosmic order, decades ago, inspired by  the Neka Museum & Puri Lukisan. He has dedicated himself to collecting, studying and preserving the legacy of Balinese and Indonesian artisans ever since.


  • Evening Talk


Muntigunung Community Social Enterprise enables this local community to improve their quality of life by helping people to help themselves. By providing the community with viable income, all activities create employment opportunities, brighter economic prospects, access to healthcare and education for a positive future. Share the impact and inspiration of this vital effort of invigorating a sustainable village.
In 2004, Daniel Elber together with Yayasan Dian Desa founded Future for Children and initiated the Muntigunung Development and Livelihoods program.


  • Muntigunung : Community Social Enterprise


David Metcalf is a Bali based photographer, film maker, Indigenous Film Festival director and global photography tour guide, published in Garuda Colours, NowJakarta, AirAsia 3Sixty and others.


  • Evening Talk


I Made Chakra was born in 1973 to a rice farming family near Ubud, Bali. Coincidentally, this was the same year of the so-called “Green Revolution” that introduced chemical farming to Bali. Fortunately, the Balinese love of nature and trust of their traditions slowed the progress of this new, less sustainable agriculture.

Chakra grew up in a time where people didn’t need money for food; edible vegetation, fish, eels, and birds all thrived together in the rice fields. After completing his studies on sustainable development, I Made Chakra spent 4 years pioneering green tourism in the UK. He later worked toward sustainable agriculture and technology, from tsunami-ravaged Aceh, to the rice fields of Bali, developing an effective organic intensification system for heritage red rice.


  • Balinese Permaculture


I Gusti Nyoman Darta is the nephew of the legendary I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, Ubud’s most famous artist. Born in 1950, he became a full- time resident of Ubud Palace at the young age of 5.
Darta held many positions at the palace which allowed him to mentor under the last King of Ubud, as well as begin his artistic career under the watchful eye of Lempad. Darta’s experiences over the last 60+ years are of an era now past – he is indeed a keeper of Ubud history.


  • Stories of An Artist from The Ubud Palace


A dynamic world musician from East Java, Catur plays music as far back as his memory goes, master of more than twenty instruments such as drums, strings and flutes. His passion unites traditional music styles, composing and performing works that draw upon styles from Indonesia, West Africa, and India. During his life, Catur has studied music with great masters and often performs at major festivals around Indonesia.

Most recently, Catur visited Mali in West Africa, to deepen his musical knowledge and to experience the native context of drumming in the motherland of Djembe.


  • From Bali to Mali : An Intimate Concert


Dr. Putu Suyoga is a world renowned expert in the field of Asta Kosala Kosali, or Balinese feng shui/architecture. He is a permanent lecturer at Bali Design School, Denpasar. Dr. Suyoga’s published works include: Balinese Policy: Talk Through Action, Review of Dharma Talk I Made Gunarta (2014); Bade Architecture: Concept Transformation towards Form (2014). 


  • Asta Kosala Kosali : The Structure of Balinese Living


I WAYAN KARJA is a distinguished artist, educator, researcher and writer in the field of Indonesian arts. Born in 1965, he began painting in the young artist style of Penestanan and also studied Ubud style painting. This was accompanied by a formal education in painting at the Indonesian Art School in Denpasar, and in fine arts at Udayana University. He obtained a Master of Fine Arts in the USA, studied Expressive Arts at the European Graduate School, Switzerland, and finished a Doctorate Program of Religion and Culture at the Hindu Indonesia University Denpasar.

Karja consistently pursues the concept of Balinese Cosmology with the specialization of the pangider bhuwana color. The latest series of works are themed Journey into the Unknown and Cosmic Energy. Since 1983 Karja has conducted more than 25 solo exhibitions and 85 joint exhibitions in Bali and all over the world. He has received a dozen awards for his work, among them from the Presidents of Indonesia and Japan.  

Together with his family, he founded the Guest House & Karja Art Space in Ubud, with residency and training facilities.


  • Balinese Cosmology


Ibu Robin Lim is a Filipino-American midwife, mother and grandmother, and founder of Yayasan Bumi Sehat, a non-profit organization in Indonesia. Ibu Lim also serves on the board of Bumi-Wadah Philippines, where she is known as “Lola Robin.” Her passion is human rights in childbirth. She believes that each individual is an essential “Piece of Peace.” Therefore, by protecting mothers in childbirth and their newborns (our smallest citizens of earth) we may build peace, one baby, one mother, one family at a time.


  • Birth in The Era of Climate Change


At the age of 20, Ida Resi Alit experienced an immensely powerful meditation earning her distinction as a “revenant”, one who has come back from the dead. From that moment forward, she was empowered with exceptional skills, the intimate knowledge of practices that generally take decades to master and the ability to speak ancient languages she had never studied!

Ida Resi Alit was ordained “High Priestess” by the Council of Hindu Dharma and became the youngest person to ever receive this title, a position normally only given to men.

Ida is as much known for her powerful and enthralling chants as for her warmth and kind presence.


  • Mantra, Mudra & Meditation


Irma Hutabarat is known for her warmth of heart and a deep commitment to bettering the human condition. Irma is one of the founders of the Clean Indonesia Channel which together with experts on sustainable development and environment helps to educate people about this subject.

Irma is now delighted to be joining Habitat due to her passionate belief in build housing and community with advance and sustainable waste management system and empower the women and educate the children of Bali and Indonesia .



  • Nurture of Nature & Culture


Jean Couteau is a writer, historian and columnist specialized in Balinese culture, art, myths and history, receiving a doctoral degree for his thesis of art history and iconographic art of Bali in 1986. He has authored several books and is a contributor to NOW! Bali magazine and Kompas newspaper.


  • Evening Cultural Talk


Kadek & Ketut are from the ancestral Bali Aga village of Tenganan Duah Tukad,
located in Karangasem Regency in East Bali. Tenganan village is one of two villages in Bali where original Balinese ancestors are believed to live, with lineages going back to the pre-Majapahit era. This area is know for the production of “Lontar” as well as the weaving technique known as “double ikat.” Kadek Ardita is a master Balinese Aga creator of drawing and writing on dried palm leaves, which were used long before the development of paper. 

His wife, Ketut Karni, carries on the tradition of Ikat weaving handed down by her ancestors. Ketut & Kadek offer monthly demonstrations at Usadabali and Puri Lukisan.


  • Lontar & Ikat


Born in Padang Tegal, Ubud, Bali (1950), he comes from a family of highly skilled traditional artisans who make sculptures, temples drawings, sacred masks and artifacts. As a child he became an assistant to his grandfather, I Made Kari, who worked in undagi (traditional architecture).

He completed studies at the SSRI (School of Fine Arts of Indonesia) and the Department of Painting for Secondary Teachers. In addition to formal education, he also studied painting with the Dutch Painter, Rudolf Bonnet, who lived in Ubud, as well as Ida Bagus Made, Kobot, Sobrat, and Turas. His work with leading painters led him to integrate academic western painting with traditional Balinese techniques.

He has held several important exhibitions in Japan and the USA, in Singapore and of course in Indonesia. His paintings are found, among others, in the Tropenmuseum Amsterdam, the Museum of Ethnology in Berlin, The Fukuoka Art Museum and in several art museums in Ubud.


Pak Dewa Berata, Director of Çudamani, is known internationally for his creative compositions and charisma as a teacher and performer. Çudamani is one of Bali’s most active and respected performing ensembles. From the village of Pengosekan, Çudamani contributes to the artistic, cultural, and political life of its community through music and dance.


Photographer and writer Rio Helmi has been following Tibetan Buddhism for some 45 years. Although he would not describe himself as a scholar or a model student, he has had the great fortune to serve as a translator for the Ven Dagpo Rinpoche over a period of more than 20 years and on occasion for HH the Dalai Lama. Rio has been capturing images of Asia and writing since 1978.

His work can be seen in magazines, documentaries and more than 20 large format photographic books. Solo exhibitions of Rio’s still photography have been held in Bali, Jakarta, Madrid, Miyazaki, Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Sydney, and his works are held in private collections around the world including in London, Rome, Boston, Washington and Tokyo.

Rio has in the past focused on the interaction between indigenous peoples and their environment, and as a result has traveled extensively across the Indonesian archipelago and further afield across Asia including Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Japan, Ladakh and Mongolia, photographing both remote tribal people and modern urban life.


Ibu Sari is a Founder of KIM Women’s Centre. Ibu Sari has dedicated her life to helping vulnerable women and children in Bali, inspired by her own experience of going through a divorce and not being allowed to see her daughter for 12 years. After struggling to be accepted back into her community and suffering from severe depression, Ibu Sari decided to turn her adversity around and go back to school. While studying to become a teacher, Ibu Sari heard of many other women’s difficulties and decided to start KIM Women’s Centre.

Sari made it her mission to help women become healthier in mind, body, and spirit while bringing emotional and financial stability into their lives. The centre runs several programs teaching women to sew, cook, do yoga and integrate back into the community. After finishing school Ibu Sari became the headmaster of Sari Hati school for mentally disabled children.


A self-taught artist from the age of fourteen a decade later Satya began learning the renowned Batuan painting traditions. From there she kept pushing forward, eager to improve and not to become stuck within the traditional mind-set. Two years ago she began studying under Ketut Budiana, recognised as one of the greatest living Balinese artists. “I am stepping into the next phase of my creative journey, and there is much to learn,” Satya said. (Richard Horstman, NOW BALI)


Simon fell in love with Indonesia at the age of 8, when he ate his rst Nasi Goreng with his adopted Indonesian auntie in his native The Hague, home to a large Indonesian population.

Simon permanently moved to Bali in 2012 where he established himself as Earth Custodian Chef and Food Forester at The Bali Silent Retreat. He founded The New Earth Cooking School and extensive forest gardens, which became the origin of most of his recipes:



Dr. Kekada is the Head Physician and Co-Founder of Amrtasiddhi. She is a certified Ayurvedic doctor (B.A.M.S), who completed her degree in Karnataka, India. Before coming to Bali in 2004, Dr. Kekada worked as an Ayurvedic Doctor in one of the most respected and successful clinics in Kerala, South India. She has also practiced as Ayurvedic Consultant in Europe and at one of the top Health Retreats in Asia. Dr. Kekada’s deep knowledge of Ayurveda, combined with her warm, intuitive and caring attitude, has facilitated deep healing for many people.

Applying not only Ayurveda but also Theta Healing in her approach, she is able to successfully address and assist with emotional aspects of healing as well. Dr. Sujatha is an active partner in the culinary programs at Dapur Usada.


Tahir is a performer of Sufi Qawwali music and teacher of Indian classical music. Since his late teens, he has delved deeply into learning with the classical sufi Qawwali grand masters of India and Pakistan.


Tjok Gde is a homeopathic physician, health scientist, natural health consultant, teacher, speaker, and writer with a special interest in alchemy, Indonesian ethnobotany, Balinese Usada, Pranafas Breathing Technique and Anthroposophy. He is founder and director of the holistic health clinic and laboratory, Tirta Usada, and runs regular workshops and retreats teaching practical homeopathy, alchemy, and breathing re-education to the public and other healthcare professionals. 

Tjok Gede holds a Bachelor of Health Science from the University of New England and Advanced Diploma of Homeopathy from the Australasian College of Natural Therapies, and is current Vice President of the Ikatan Homoeopath Indonesia (Indonesian Homeopathic Association).

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