Classical Indian Dance Class

Pooja Bhatnagar

Traditional Khatak Storytelling

Pooja Bhatnagar, internationally renowned Kathak artist and disciple of Smt Geetanjali Lal and Shri Rajendra Gangani, began her training in Kathak dance at an early age of 6. A proficient and highly dynamic solo artist, Pooja has performed traditional Kathak solos to great acclaim in dance festivals in India, Japan, New Zealand and throughout Indonesia. Her performances are marked for her technical virtuosity and brilliant execution. Pooja has choreographed numerous Kathak dance works, including ‘Shikhandini’, ‘Putri Sagara‘, and ‘Buddha Charita’ to name a few.

Event Description:
Kathak is rooted in storytelling and poken words and literature played an integral role in its formation, delineation and evolution. Classical Indian dance is also a form of spiritual practice and can bring one into a meditative state once one has mastered its form. Pooja will guide the participants through poetic pieces, vandanas/ shlokas and various techniques that are part of Kathak repertoire. The Ghunghroos (ankle bells) will be provided during the class.

Summary/ Further Info:

Duration: 1 hour
Price: IDR150K

In keeping with the social distancing protocols set by the Indonesian government, we are limiting the number of participants for our classes.

If you’d like to attend, please pre-register via Whatsapp at +6281246891734 or simply click wa.me/6281246891734

LOCATION: Usada Forum Bali
Jl. Sugriwa No.4, Ubud, Bali


Aug 19 2021


11:00 am - 1:00 pm


IDR 100K Normal / IDR 50K KITAS & KTP holder

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