Holi Feast Dinner

Dapur Usada Cultural Celebration

Holi Feast: Festival of Colours

Saturday 27th March 2021

A delectable eight-course celebratory meal to honour India’s most vibrant festival, Holi. Also called ‘the festival of colours’ Holi is observed on the Indian subcontinent on the last full moon day of the Hindu calendar.
Holi celebrates the end of winter and the arrival of spring with its abundant colours and fertile land. Visitors to homes are first teased with colours, then served with Holi delicacies, desserts and drinks.
Usada Bali is delighted to share this festival with you as Bali also welcomes our spring time!

Each course is served with a shot glass drink, which compliments the dish, and is coloured like the feast of Holi.

Mulungavettani So8up
A heart-warming appetiser to open up your taste buds to a myriad of flavours, made with lentil broth and a spice mix led by black pepper and tamarind. Paired with Usada Signature Floral Water.

Pappad Chat
Oven-roasted chickpea crisps topped with masala potato, raw onions, fresh coriander and various chutneys. Paired with bonni sherbet, a lemonade-like drink made from a local fruit.

Steamed vegetable parcels served with hot and sour chili tomato chutney. Paired with panakam made with ginger, cumin, palm sugar and tamarind.

Kathi Rolls
Spinach and oat wraps filled with greens jack fruit spicy yoghurt tamarind chutney and crunchy peanuts. Paired with aam pana, raw young mango pulp mixed with mint.

Chole Bature
Curried chickpeas served with crispy flat bread. Paired with sweet plain lassi with cardamom and rose petals.

Parota with Tofu Matar Tikka Masala
Layered flat bread served with tofu and peas slow simmered in a vegan creamy sauce. Paired with blue lemonade from pea flowers.

Ram Laddoo
Mung bean pakoras topped with mouth-watering mint, coriander, chutney spice powder and raw radish salad. Paired with neer moru, buttermilk with fresh coriander, black mustard seeds and curry leaves.

Mango Mastani
Finish the meal with a cooling coconut ice cream, mango, dry fruits and nuts dessert. Paired with chukku vellam, a warm drink of 8 Ayurvedic herbs to help keep digestion healthy.

IDR 450K*

Option to make all dishes sattvic (no onions/ no garlic) upon request in advance.

Usada Bali diligently observes social distancing and limited capacity events. Reserve in advance for this special occasion to ensure your table.

* An additional 15.5% service charge and tax will be applied


Mar 27 2021


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


IDR 450K