Daniel Elber

Community Social Enterprise 

Visitors and local residents of Bali encounter begging women with children in the streets of Ubud. A situation that can present itself in any country in the world, many of us experience a longing to help and yet it is also often a confronting situation on how to do this best.
About 17 years ago, Daniel Elber was faced with this same question. He had ideas and wanted to help. He was clear that action could not come from himself alone, but from involving the people of Indonesia themselves. This is when Yayasan Dian Desa came into play.

Back in 2004 Muntigunung was one of the poorest areas in Bali. It was rather inhospitable – simple bamboo huts dotted a dry, brown landscape that had nothing in common with the lush, tropical South of Bali. Families had no access to water and had to walk for an average of four hours just to fetch water. There were hardly any employment opportunities and the intense long dry season prevented the cultivation of agricultural produce for most of the year. This forced many women and children of Muntigunung to beg in the tourist areas in the south of the island to ensure their survival.

After years of research, observation, thinking, preparation, dedication and patience, today the Muntigunung Community Social Enterprise is a thriving project that enables the local community to improve their quality of life by empowering people to help themselves.

Through a visual presentation and inspiring talk, Daniel Elber, will share with us the unfolding of this project from its beginnings to the succesful Community Social Enterprise it is today.

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In keeping with the social distancing protocols set by the Indonesian government, we are limiting the number of participants for our sessions in our forum.
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Mar 25 2021


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


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