New year Sound Meditation

Yug Ajay

Nyepi day, time to release the old and welcome the new. Before the day of silence, dive deep into relaxing sounds and prepare yourself for a day of peace and rest.

During the sound bath you lay down and listen to the soothing sound of the sound bowls which help to calm the mind and help the nervous system to switch into a relaxed state. At the end of the sound bath we balance the energy flow with the help of the chakra bowls.

Yug Ajay is a professional sound healing master who has been sharing sound therapy from 2014. From the early age of 16 he was fascinated by natures healing power and the universal energy. The urge for deeper connection and knowledge about self, led him leave home at this young age and he spent several years learning from great vedic masters who know the ancient wisdom of “Baidangya Bidya”. It shaped Ajays path and changed his life forever. He kept on exploring many places for several years, expanding his knowledge, having “Satsang” with Babas and Sadhus, learning different forms of nada yoga before he was gifted with the divine sound of the singing bowls. For the next years he went deeper into exploring vibrations, sounds and frequencies. Until today he has been sharing his knowledge to many people from all over the world in his classes, workshops and through his project #soundforpeace.


Mar 12 2021


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


IDR 150K