The High Art of Silver Jewelry Design

Runi Palar

Ibu Runi is Indonesia’s best-known jewelry designer. A former classical dancer close to the Yogyakarta palace, she is now weaving her magic in silver. Ibu Runi has widely travelled with her designs, and received some of the greatest honours in her trade. She lives now in Lotundoh-Bali with her artist husband Adriaan Palar, with whom she shares a beautiful small museum dedicated to her craft.

During her presentation at Usada, Ibu Runi will speak about her background and initial influence from her father and the intricacies of jewelry production. From the early design stage in drawings to the choice of silver and metal, to the collaboration with the artisans, to the presentation of the finished product. The talk will be complemented with a slideshow.



Ibu Sotjawaruni Kumala Palar is originally from Yogjakarta. She received training as a classical dancer before joining her husband Adriaan in Bandung, and, with his full support, began working with jewelry.

Ibu Runi’s fame soon began to spread: she was invited to introduce her designs in fashion shows and art exhibitions in Indonesia, in the USA, in Europe and Japan.

Her silver jewelry is based on inspiration from natural objects that can be found around us; leaves, grass, rocks; the sea is often her source of inspiration. Her work is best presented in a recent book titled ‘Dancing in Silver’, by Bruce Carpenter, and her splendid jewelry designs can be seen at Museum Runa in Lodtunduh, Bali.




Feb 11 2021


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


IDR 150K