Water Temple Melukat


Purifying in Sacred Springs

This experience is held in a sacred water temple by a river, where there is a series of purification points and waterfalls.

These waters have restorative virtues and therapeutic benefits on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. The site is quite spectacular.


On this day, we will be guided through a Melukat ritual, which is a Balinese purification ceremony. After our journey through the waterfalls, we will sit in contemplation with Balinese priestess Ida Resi Alit, as we listen to to her prayers and her chants to the divine.

At the end, there will be an opportunity to ask questions and also, if you wish, to have personal time with Ida.

OUR HOST: Ida resi Alit*

At the age of 20, Ida Resi Alit experienced a powerful meditation, earning her distinction as a “revenant”, one who has come back from the dead.

From that moment forward, she was empowered with exceptional skills, the knowledge of practices that generally take decades to master and the ability to speak ancient languages she had never studied!

Ida Resi Alit was ordained “High Priestess” by the Council of Hindu Dharma and became the youngest person to ever receive this title, a position normally given only to men.


  • Introduction to the Sala temple and the rituals
  •  Melukat (water purification) at several springs and waterfalls
  •  Meditation with Priestess Ida Resi
  • A time for open discussion or/and personal meeting with Ida


  • Preparation and offerings
  • Sarong provided for the water immersions
  • Guide to bring us to the waterfalls
  • Lunch by Dapur Usada
  • Tea and coffee


Meeting point: Dapur Usada Bali, Ubud

Sala holy spring and waterfalls


1/2 Day

A portion of your contributions help support the creation of Griya Buda Sakti Alas Pule, the new Ashram of Ida Resi Alit, as well as her neighboring rural villages.

Please note that a minimum of 6 persons is required for this experience.


11:00 – 12:00   Travel to Sala

12:00 – 14:30   Pilgrimage through the waterfalls. Praying and Melukat

14:30 – 15:30   Picnic lunch prepared by Dapur Usada

15:30 – 16:00   Meditation with priest /priestess and discussion

*occasionally Ida Resi Alit is traveling and unavailable, Usada Bali will offer a Balinese Mangku (priest) for this experience — please enquire for details when booking