Usada Bali in Ubud offers visitors cultural experiences from Bali as well as the rest of Indonesia, and even Asia at large.

While the word Usada refers to the age-old medicinal knowledge of the Balinese, we also draw from different branches of holistic health: well-being of the mind, body and spirit, nourishment through food, tradition and culture.

The Usada Forum, our studio, provides a diversity of journeys to the inner world. Here, you will find a thriving and stimulating space for cultural events and seminars, and for the community to come together and learn movement-related and meditative practices.

On the ground floor our restaurant, Dapur Usada, offers healthy and delicious food inspired by the culinary traditions of Indonesia and India.


Our restaurant, Dapur Usada, offers a delicious fusion of the culinary textures of Indonesia and the ancient Indian principles of Ayurveda.


Usada Bali has created a range of group events that present opportunities to meet skilled locals, prominent craftsmen and spiritual elders. We visit such diverse locations as temples, artists’ ateliers, markets and museums.


Usada Bali presents an extraordinary line-up of artists, educators, historians, philosophers, philanthropists, environmental and social advocates, who share their knowledge and wisdom at our Special Events Forum.


Usada Studio creates a hub of inspired skill-sharing. We offer a variety of movement-related classes ranging from dance to martial arts, yoga, and guided meditatition.


Workshops are interactive programmes that take place at Usada’s premises in central Ubud. These provide an immersive dive into Indonesian traditions through hands-on learning.



With Dapur Usada’s Ayurvedic Cleanse you will focus on the elimination of toxins from the blood and lymphs, supporting your body’s natural internal healing process with this easy-to-digest food fast.
The programme will help you cleanse the liver, balance your hormones, improve gut health and build immunity


Temporary Location

Dear Dapur Usada customers,

From March 14th to March 28th, we’ll be temporarily operating from a new location, just a short distance away.

Click the button below to discover our temporary address and continue indulging in the flavors of Bali and the wisdom of Ayurveda.